Genre: House/Dance


Up and coming DJ/Promoter born and raised in Durban, South Africa. Philani had always been interested in arts and entertainment and when he finished school in 2006 he decided to embark on a world tour to the UK. Thats where his love for house music and DJ-ing grew deep. After a 9 month tour through cities like Leeds, London, and Manchester just to name a few, Ben came back to South Africa with a mind equipped with international music knowledge and understanding of dance culture.


He went on to study music production at the Soulcandi Institute Of Music where and thats when the Maverick was born. In the last year Benny Maverick has played a set on 5FM (My house - Euphonik), was then called on to Sabc 1's LIVE to be a guest DJ and to be interviewed. He currently is a resident DJ on YO.TV Ziyakhipha and makes regular appearances on Wild Room.


In a short space of time Benny Maverick has slowly started to become a household name, but this is only the begining. With your support, Benny can be the DJ you want him to be and more.




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