Genre: Hip Hop 


This Soweto-raised DJ has conquered an industry that’s notoriously competitive and cutthroat. His ascent is tied to an undying urge better himself and what he offers the crowd. An early adopter of technology, Milkshake took full advantage of his flair for all things digital and merged this with his innate understanding of what will detonate a dancefloor - this potent combination of skill and passion allowed him to cultivate a matchless, magnetic take on club music. With his new approach, versatility and fresh style Milkshake has shaken up the established order and carved out a highly successful career for himself.


With a steady-eyed focus and beats that rock any party, Milkshake has earned his place amongst the country’s top entertainers. In his exciting new role as a record label owner and artists you can be certain that the best is yet to come from this future-facing talent.


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