Genre: House/Afro/Dance


Born Luthando Tibini and growing up in the Streets of Gugulethu, Cape Town, music was clearly going to influence Jezz’s life. Jezz lay his hands on House Music at the age of 11, and it instantly touched his soul. He fell in love with the house music, but was overpowered by the mid 90’s Hip Hop and R&B. his main influence was Dj Fresh’s Fresh 1 compilation.


Incidentally, Jezz studied Quantity Surveying at Cape Technikon, because his father, also in the construction industry , like all fathers wanted his son to pursue a safe career.


Jezz recalls how he met a friend who introduced him to a friend of a friend a “ House Head”, who was booked every weekend in Gugs. Jezz and Azania shared proverbial notes in House music, and now Jezz is considered to be one of Gugulethu’s hottest Dj.




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